Surprising Myself – An Interactive Video Installation

Surprising Myself is a “reactive” video and sound installation that uses a PING ultrasonic sensor, an Arduino, and MAX MSP/Jitter.  The idea was to use the viewer’s placement in front of the sensor to set off different audio and visual reactions.  The visual reactions projected onto a white wall are those of surprise, while the MIDI audio reactions are robotic, synthesized and the body plays a virtual keyboard that changes with the proximity to the sensor.   Aesthetically, I immersed my reactionary seated figure in a white environment, so that it could appear to exist within a dimension within the white wall I’m projected upon.  I named the piece “Surprising Myself” because my reactions are surprising, and it was surprising in itself that I solved so many problems to make this installation and the Max MSP/Jitter patch work.

Documentation of Surprising Myself


Other Videos Takenof Surprising Myself


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