Midterm Review Make Up

David – Still an Incomplete Zine.  Change of name to Sover?  I guess he said it was supposed to sound like it means something but actually alienate at the same time.  Some photo collages and essay ideas, drawings etc.  With a lot of work, potentially he could have a product.  But speculation won’t build the Zine he wants himself.

Jeannette’s project came along, although the presentation could use some work.  The reflective film could use a little better adhering and the sensor could be hidden better, but I think it’s great that she got the sensor to turn her LED strip on and off.  Perhaps framing the piece could add some unity to the piece.  The spiral is a good symbol, although I think perhaps there could be more dimension to it.

Jeff’s project is amazing.  He’s a sculpture wiz and can VJ and projection map. His lack is in the Hardware of his computer.  EIther he can go smaller or spend more money.  But visually this project, the projection map onto the pyramids is a great idea.  Vastly different than his original idea, but I think this work speaks more to having fun with his art.  Less technical is sometimes better.  Maybe equipment restrictions happen for spiritual, existential purposes.



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