Artist Statement


I am discovering myself as an artist and a person more and more every day.  I love life, and capturing the essence of its overwhelming beauty is the inspiration in which I draw creativity.  I believe art is the backbone in which all truth within society resides, whether it be notions of progress, or descriptions of justice, art mends the repression of inherent constraints in which humans live.

I’ve become more spiritual in my approach and aim to connect with the world on a more global scale.  I’m excited to be involving myself in more interactive, hardware and software based means of communication, desiring to fuse engineering constructs with artistic freedom.  I love film and video based art as I grew up making films with kids from around the neighborhood.  I regard the ability to convey myself technically as a painter also paramount, where the imagery and skill have direct correlation to the brain’s intuition; encaustic works are an extension of this belief.


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