Project Proposals

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1.  3D Screen Printed Brain – A stacked rectangular prism conveying a glowing brain.

Summary: A series of plexiglass MRI brain scan images printed onto plexiglass with 3m reflective ink.  These are side lit around the perimeter in a contained box using either a single LED color, RGB LEDs (programmable?) and would look almost like a tunnel.  I would hope to hook the box up to a battery source.  I would have to space the plexiglass based upon the spacing between each brain image in the series.

A glowing brain tunnel…

A 3D perspective might be possible.

2.  Max/Jitter/Projector.  Interactive Project.  Hope to do at least one project based within kinect or using a proximity sensor.

3.  Encaustic Back-Lit Landscape.  Painting with wax on plexiglass backlit within the frame.

4.  Spinning Projector.  Projector on a drill.

5.  Water Tank sculpture.  lit with cool pumps and turbines.

6.  A Sphere, Cube, Icosahedron.  Lights a different color based upon the orientation of an internal gyroscope.  Large size.  Interactive. Could be used as a Chair?

Needs batteries.  An ability to change batteries.

Needs to be lit from within skeleton of shape.


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